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    Brick Sand $40.00/cubic yard
    Chips & Dust $35.00/cubic yard
    Clear Stone Washed 1/2" or 3/4" $45.00/cubic yard
    Crusher Run L. $45.00/cubic yard
    Filter Sand $60.00/cubic yard
    Gabion Stone $70.00/cubic yard
    Gator G2 Super Sand (Beige, Grey) $35.00/cubic yard
    Gator Max G2 (Ivory, Gray, Beige, Black) $45.00/cubic yard
    Gator Maxx (Beige, Grey) $37.00/cubic yard
    Gator Super Sand (Beige, Grey, Black) $30.00/cubic yard
    Gravel "A" $35.00/cubic yard
    Limestone HPB $55.00/cubic yard
    Limestone Screening $40.00/cubic yard
    Peastone 3/8 $60.00/cubic yard
    Peastone Coloured 3/8 $75.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 1"-3" $75.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 3"-6" $75.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 6"-10" $75.00/cubic yard
    Trap Rock 1/4" $70.00/cubic yard


    Gro Max Soil $60.00/cubic yard
    Gro Veg Soil $60.00/cubic yard
    Mushroom Compost $45.00/cubic yard
    Screened Topsoil $30.00/cubic yard
    Topsoil Compost $40.00/cubic yard
    Triple Mix $45.00/cubic yard
    Unscreened Topsoil $20.00/cubic yard
    Wood Chips $10.00/cubic yard
    Worm Castings $20.00/5 gallon pail
    Worm Castings $500.00/cubic yard


    Firewood $350.00/bush cord


    Black Mulch Bulk $55.00/cubic yard
    Brown Mulch Bulk $55.00/cubic yard
    Cedar Mulch Bulk $55.00/cubic yard
    Pine Mulch Bulk $55.00/cubic yard


    O Pipe Couplers $7.00/ea
    O Pipe Tees $15.00/ea
    4" O Pipe 100' Roll $100.00/ea
    O Pipe Solid $10.00/ea
    Elbow 45 Degrees $7.00/ea
    Elbow 90 Degrees $9.00/ea
    Perforated 4" O Pipe $10.00/linear foot
    Perforated 4" O Pipe 100' Roll $100.00/ea
    Perforated PVC Pipe 4"x10" $22.00/ea
    Solid PVC Pipe 4"x10" $22.00/ea
    PCV TEE $13.00/ea
    PCV Y PIPE $12.00/ea
    Perforated 4" O Pipe with Sock $12.00/ea
    Perforated 4" O Pipe with Sock Roll 100' $100.00/ea

    Stones & Steps

    Armour Stones 9"-12" $150.00/ea
    Armour Stones 12" $135.00/ea
    Flagstone Jumbo 2"-5" $390.00/ea
    PREMIUM 12 Armour Stone $175.00/tonne
    PREMIUM 9"-12" Amour Stone $190.00/tonne
    Random Steps 6" - 8" $335.00/ea
    Saw Cut Steps 4' $370.00/ea
    Saw Cut Steps 5' $450.00/ea
    Saw Cut Steps 6' $500.00/ea
    Saw Cut Steps 7' $675.00/ea
    Saw Cut Steps 8' $760.00/ea

    Weed Barriers and Filter Cloths

    Biaxle Geogrid 30-39 12'x150' $1205.00/ea
    Biaxle Geogrid 30-39 4' x 50' $120.00/ea
    Biaxle Geogrid 4'x50' $95.00/ea
    Biazle Geogrid 30-39 6'x150' $530.00/ea
    GF2 Filter Cloth 3'x100' $40.00/ea
    GF2 Filter Cloth 4'x50' $20.00/ea
    GF2 Filter Cloth 4'x100' $50.00/ea
    GF20 Filter Cloth 6'x100' $120.00/ea
    GF20 Filter Cloth 4'x100' $85.00/ea
    GF20 Filter Cloth 4'x50' $50.00/ea
    GF3 Filter Cloth 3'x100' $68.00/ea
    GF3 Filter Cloth 4'x100' $90.00/ea
    GF3 Filter Cloth 4'x 50' $45.00/ea
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 12' x 400' $1030.00/ea
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 4'x100' $130.00/ea
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 6'x100' $180.00/ea


    Nail 10" Sold Individually $0.55/ea
    Nails 10" Box of 1000 $100.00/ea
    Gator Base 2'X3' $27.00/ea
    Screws Box of 50 $35.00/ea
    Spacers 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" Sold by Bag $140.00/ea
    XP Glue 10oz Single Container $10.00/ea
    XP Glue 29oz Single Container $18.00/ea
    XP Glue 29oz Box of 12 $220.00/ea

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