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    Brick Sand $43.00/cubic yard
    Chips & Dust $38.00/cubic yard
    Clear Stone Washed 1/2" or 3/4" $50.00/cubic yard
    Crusher Run L. $55.00/cubic yard
    Filter Sand $65.00/cubic yard
    Gabion Stone $80.00/cubic yard
    Gravel "A" $38.00/cubic yard
    Limestone HPB $58.00/cubic yard
    Limestone Screening $45.00/cubic yard
    Peastone 3/8 $70.00/cubic yard
    Peastone Coloured 3/8 $90.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 1"-3" $90.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 3"-6" $90.00/cubic yard
    Riverstone 6"-10" $90.00/cubic yard
    Trap Rock 1/4" $75.00/cubic yard


    Gro Max Soil $63.00/cubic yard
    Gro Veg Soil $63.00/cubic yard
    Mushroom Compost $48.00/cubic yard
    Mushroom Compost/Manure Mix $48.00/cubic yard
    Manure/Shavings Mix $55.00/cubic yard
    Screened Topsoil $32.00/cubic yard
    Topsoil Compost $42.00/cubic yard
    Triple Mix $48.00/cubic yard
    Unscreened Topsoil $22.00/cubic yard
    Worm Castings $20.00/5 gallon pail
    Worm Castings $500.00/cubic yard


    Black Mulch Bulk $58.00/cubic yard
    Brown Mulch Bulk $58.00/cubic yard
    Cedar Mulch Bulk $58.00/cubic yard
    Pine Mulch Bulk $58.00/cubic yard
    Wood Chips $10.00/cubic yard

    2023 Pricing TBA (to be announced) on items below soon.


    O Pipe Couplers TBA
    O Pipe Tees TBA
    4" O Pipe 100' Roll TBA
    O Pipe Solid TBA
    Elbow 45 Degrees TBA
    Elbow 90 Degrees TBA
    Perforated 4" O Pipe TBA
    Perforated 4" O Pipe 100' Roll TBA
    Perforated PVC Pipe 4"x10" TBA
    Solid PVC Pipe 4"x10" TBA
    Perforated 4" O Pipe with Sock TBA
    Perforated 4" O Pipe with Sock Roll 100' TBA

    Stones & Steps

    Armour Stones 9"-12" TBA
    Armour Stones 12" TBA
    Flagstone Jumbo 2"-5" TBA
    PREMIUM 12 Armour Stone TBA
    PREMIUM 9"-12" Amour Stone TBA
    Random Steps 6" - 8" TBA
    Saw Cut Steps 4' TBA
    Saw Cut Steps 5' TBA
    Saw Cut Steps 6' TBA
    Saw Cut Steps 7' TBA
    Saw Cut Steps 8' TBA

    Weed Barriers and Filter Cloths

    Biaxle Geogrid 30-39 12'x150' TBA
    Biaxle Geogrid 30-39 4' x 50' TBA
    Biaxle Geogrid 4'x50' TBA
    Biazle Geogrid 30-39 6'x150' TBA
    GF2 Filter Cloth 3'x100' TBA
    GF2 Filter Cloth 4'x50' TBA
    GF2 Filter Cloth 4'x100' TBA
    GF20 Filter Cloth 6'x100' TBA
    GF20 Filter Cloth 4'x100' TBA
    GF20 Filter Cloth 4'x50' TBA
    GF3 Filter Cloth 3'x100' TBA
    GF3 Filter Cloth 4'x100' TBA
    GF3 Filter Cloth 4'x 50' TBA
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 12' x 400' TBA
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 4'x100' TBA
    GF4.4 Filter Cloth 6'x100' TBA


    Nail 10" Sold Individually TBA
    Nails 10" Box of 1000 TBA
    Gator Base 2'X3' TBA
    Screws Box of 50 TBA
    Spacers 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" Sold by Bag TBA
    XP Glue 10oz Single Container TBA
    XP Glue 29oz Single Container TBA
    XP Glue 29oz Box of 12 TBA

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