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Rock Ridges has available a wide variety of precast landscape products from multiple suppliers, interlocking brick, walls, steps and unique features are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Please see soils and aggregates chart below to find the product you need.

All available from: Bestway Stone / Brown’s Concrete / Oaks Brick / Triple H Concrete / Unilock

Bulk quantities from one cubic yard and up are available for pickup or delivery.
If you need a product other than those listed, please contact Gord at 905-375-9131


Natural Cedar Mulch
Pine Mulch
Utility Mulch
Black Dyed Mulch
Brown Dyed Mulch
Woodchips (chipper quality)

Precast Products

All precast brick, wall stone and engineered armour stone are available through Rock Ridges. As a distributor we offer competitive pricing and reliable delivery and service. A good selection in small quantities is also available on site.

Natural Stone

A large selection of Flagstone, Drywall Stone, Armour Stone, Aggregates, Granite Rock and feature stones for the garden. Products are continually coming and going from the yard. Please call us about specific Natural Stone items.


Our soil products include Topsoil, GroMax GroVeg, Triple Mix, Composted Manure and Mushroom Soil.

Soil FAQs

1. What is in GroMax Soil?
GrowMax is a blend of aged compost, peat loam soil, bark fines and soil.

2. What is GroVeg Soil?
GroVeg Soil is a mix of compost, duck manure, bark fines and topsoil.

3. What is in Triple Mix?
Triple Mix is a blend of aged compost, mushroom soil, top soil.

Soil product site use chart
Please use this chart to match our products to your intended site use.


Our aggregates include Gravels, Sands, Screenings, Leveling Stone, Pea Stone and River Stone. Use the chart below to match our products to your intended site use.

Aggregate product site use

Project Calculator

Volume Calculator for Soil, Aggregates & Mulch

Cubic Feet = Length (feet) x Width (feet) x Height (feet)
Cubic Yard = Cubic feet divided by 27
1 Cubic Meter = 1.308 Cubic Yards

Allow up to 10% or add 10% to your total for over digging, settling of material , compaction and loss.

Area/Depth Calculator

1 Cubic yard covers:

1″ depth = 300 sq.ft.
3″ depth = 100 sq.ft.
6″ depth = 50 sq.ft.
9″ depth = 38 sq.ft.
12″ depth = 25 sq.ft.


1m = 39″ = 3.28 feet
1 cubic meter = 1.308 cubic yards
1 cubic yard = .764 cubic meters
1 pound = .453 kg
1 kg = 2.2 pounds
1 litre = .0353 cubic feet
1 cubic foot = 28.3 Litres
Soil is approx. .453 litres/pound